Boost Mobile vs Virgin Mobile vs Straight Talk: Which Pre-Paid Wireless Services is Better?
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Boost Mobile vs Virgin Mobile vs Straight Talk: Which Pre-Paid Wireless Services is Better?

Boost mobile is great for people who want unlimited calling and texts. They have some of the best plans around for that. Virgin mobile has better plans for data, since they have some of the last unlimited data plans that you can get since a lot of providers are pulling the plug on that now. Straight Talk has great phone flexibility, allowing you to bring in your own from outside in most cases regardless of the whole CDMA or GSM thing.
Covered in this report
Boost Mobile — Best Features
Unlimited everything besides data for the lowest price around.
"Shrinking" payments actually go down in price month to month for on-time payments.
Best for: People who want some of the cheapest pre-paid unlimited plans around.
Virgin Mobile — Best Features
True Unlimited Data plan for cheaper than just about anywhere else.
"Paylo" plans give you the option for rock bottom monthly payments.
Best for: Those who want to focus on data over everything else, or people who just want ultra cheap plans for occasional use.
Straight Talk — Best Features
Bring Your own phone program allows you to bring phones withotu purchasing them from Straight Talk.
Straight Talk has compatibility with both CDMA and GSM giving you a much wider range of devices you can use.
Best for: People who want flexibility regarding which phones they can bring in, especially those coming from a contract provider.
Best deal: Straight Talk: $15 off when you purchase phone or phone bundle of $49.99 or more - [activate coupon]

These days, many people are opting out of the incredibly expensive phone contracts that are out there and instead going for more of a “pre-paid” approach. After all, why should you be stuck with a contract that you don’t want any more after only a few months of use? There are plenty of great services that will let you do this, and the one that will be the cheapest and best for you will depend on what sort of features you need and where you are.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile uses the Nationwide Sprint Network to keep customers connected with pre-paid mobile service.  The company is a prepaid brand that spun off of Sprint and focuses mostly on that now. The network is vast and it looks like it’s only going to increase in the coming years.


-Free Shipping on all orders: This isn’t a minor feature because shipping can add plenty of cost to anything you buy.

-Monthly Unlimited Shrinking Payments-Most monthly payments for cellphone service only go up with time. Boost Mobile has a plan that can actually go down over time. For every 6 on time payments you make monthly in a row, Boost Mobile will reduce your monthly payment by 5 dollars.

-Unlimited Talk/Text/Web + 2.5 GB per month at $40 (after shrinkage)

-Network Reaches 281 Million People

-No Roaming/No Credit Check

-Walkie Talkie Service



-Phones are a little older.

-Web and data is de-emphasized over traditional cell service

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is another spin off from Sprint and it has some different approaches to the other sites. But in terms of having no contract, free shipping and so on Virgin Mobile has got all of that part covered. Virgin focuses more on discounts and data, having one of the lowest unlimited data plans around, thought here’s still a “cap” that means that after you spend 5 GB or so, you will have to deal with ungodly slow speeds. But still, this plan is really the only one of its kind for so cheap and you get way more than with other plans.


-Lost Phone replacement

-Free Shipping

-Keep Your Phone Number

-Get up to $70 discount on new phones.

-Unlimited Data for $35/month with both 4g and 3g.

-“Paylo” plan has real low prices starting at $20 per month for 400 minutes.


-Unlimited Messaging for Local Numbers only

-5.5 or so GB cap on data-After you go over the cap, you still have access but they’ll throttle down your speed to a crawl.

Straight Talk

The “Straight Talk” service comes off of Tracfone. This is an established brand so you can count on being able to trust them to deliver good service. The GSM coverage map is impressive and covers just about everywhere but the most remote areas in the West. The CDMA map is less impressive, since it has a few extra gaps in the plans, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still nationwide. You still have a huge amount of territory in the U.S. to work with in terms of keeping coverage throughout.



-GSM and CDMA Compatible

-Bring Your Own Phone!: This unique service allows you to bring a phone into the network from outside. You’ll have to purchase your own SIM card, but there aren’t usually more than 15 dollars or so.  The easiest thing to do is bring in a T-Mobile phone, though any unlocked GSM or CDMA phone will work.

-T-mobile Devices Keep 4G Speeds

-Auto Refills

-Unlimited Data talk and Text for $45/month



-No Roll-over Minutes

-Can’t call outside U.S. with $45 plan.

The Service for You

Basically, you just have to ask yourself what you’re looking for most in a pre-paid service. Then you’ll be able to figure out easily which one is the best for you. For example, do you need-

Awesome Cheap Unlimited Data-  If so, Virgin Mobile is the pre-paid for you. Any kind of unlimited data for this cheap is definitely worth it.

Phone Flexibility- One of the biggest downers of pre-paid phone services is that you end up super limited regarding what phones they can use. But Straight Talk has both CDMA and GSM networks, as well as a "bring your own phone" option so that you’ll be good to go.

Amazing Shrinking Costs- The “Shrinkage” program for Boost Mobile is a great way to save some serious money and get your unlimited (except for data) plan down to just $40 per month, which is practically half or less of what it’ll cost you from the bigger phone services.

Additional Information
Straight Talk
Straight Talk Coupon Code: CWINNER - $10 Off $89+ & Free Shipping - Activate
Straight Talk Coupon Code: SIMSAVE - $10 Off SIMS Card - Activate
Straight Talk Coupon Code: RMNST - Free Shipping on Orders $19.99+ - Activate
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